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Free ShippingKING One Pro Premium Satellite TV Antenna

Made with Pride in the USA

Made in USA

Top Features:

  • NEW! Premium Satellite TV Antenna for All Providers:
    • DIRECTV, DISH or Bell (Canada)
  • EXCLUSIVE! Patented Self-leveling Design
  • EXCLUSIVE! Automatically Configures for U.S. Satellite Service – No DIP Switches
  • Weather Proof
  • Antenna Powered Over Coax Cable

KING - One Pro Premium Satellite TV Antenna - KOP4800

King-Dome 3000 In-Motion Series

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  •  In Stock
  •  Weight:
  •  15 lbs.
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  •  Free
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  •  Paid
  •  Manufacturer:
  •  King
  •  Model No.:
  •  KOP4800
  •  Dimension:
  •  Height:
  •  Warranty:
  •  2 Year on Parts, 1 Year Labor
  •  Returns:
  •  No Returns to RoadTrucker. Must Allow King Controls to Handle Any/All Issues.

  • Shipping
    GuideShipping Guide
  • DirecTv
    ManualDirecTV User Manual
  • Dish Wally
    ManualDish Wally User Manual
  • Bell
    ManualKOP4800 for Bell User Manual


  • KING One Pro™ Antenna
  • 50 feet of RG6 Coax Cable
  • Quick Start Guide
  • Manual (Available Online)
  • Power Inserter
  • Power Supply (Requires 110VAC)

Other Photo

DISH Tailgater Satellite Antenna

An enhanced industrial design and ultramodern King One Pro Antenna with clear cover where you can always see the direction of your antenna to simplify troubleshooting and ensure you’re receiving the best signal.

Take your favorite TV programming on DIRECTV, DISH® or Bell (Canada) satellites with you on the road or anywhere you go.

The King One Pro automatically configures for U.S. satellite service without the use of DIP switches. Taking all the guesswork out of getting started.

Note: Requires compatible receiver and does not provide service while moving.

Other Features:

  • For RVers, Sporting and Outdoor Enthusiasts, Tailgaters, Long Haul Truckers or Anyone with an Active Mobile Lifestyle
  • Ultramodern, clear cover – Always know where your antenna is pointing
  • Roof-mountable (no foot kit needed)
  • Supports multiple TV viewing* – Features dual outputs for up to TWO receivers
  • Portable and Lightweight
  • Metal chassis is stronger and more durable than plastic
  • Includes 50 feet of coax cable with connectors pre-installed and a power inserter

Specifications of KOP4800:

  • Compatible receivers:
    • DIRECTV Models with direct-connection support:
      • D10, D11, and D12
    • DIRECTV Models with direct-connection and SWM support:
      • H20, HR20, H21, HR21, H22, HR22, H23, HR23, H24, and HR24

        If you do not already own a DIRECTV receiver, KING recommends the H24 (non-DVR) or HR24 (DVR)

    • DIRECTV Models requiring SWM adapter: H25

      Not compatible with DIRECTV Ka-band satellites

    • DISH HD and SD – Models with on-screen antenna scan setup: Wally, ViP211z, ViP211k, ViP211, and 411
    • DISH HD and SD – Models with Legacy-mode setup: All receivers except Hopper and Joey
    • Bell Models: All models
  • Service compatibility:
    • DIRECTV® SD programming (does not receive DIRECTV HD programming)
    • DISH® HD & SD programming
    • Bell™ HD & SD programming
  • Dimensions:
    • 13.5"H x 18.75"W x 17"L
  • Weight:
    • 8 lbs.
  • Signal output:
    • Dual (supports two receivers)*
  • Power:
    • Powered through coax cable

How It Works:

The KING One Pro automatically configures itself when connected to a compatible receiver using the provided coax cable and in-line power inserter. Once powered on, the KING One Pro will automatically locate the satellite signal and you will be able to watch crystal clear TV. The KING One Pro is powered over the coax using a small in-line power inserter. You will need a power inverter, portable generator, power pack, or other 110-volt AC power source for the receiver, power inserter and TV.