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Free RoadTrucker Trucking Apps for Truckers

The RoadTrucker Team has voted to create a few Trucking Apps, and offer them completely Free, with no strings, to our Trucking customers. We wanted to express our thanks for your support and to say it with more than just words, that we appreciate you, the hard work that you do, and your business.

Not a RoadTrucker customer? We still appreciate you as a Trucker, and are happy to provide you with our Free Apps and hope you will find value in them.

For now, we are focusing on Android Apps because our Software Engineer is knowledgeable in this area.

Google makes developing and distributing Apps for Android reasonably simple.

 You get them FREE. Because we valued you.

 You can also download this application in the Google Play Store. Here's the link

We plan to keep our Apps user friendly with no pop-ups. A good App should also teach, so we will try to add good helpful information.

RT Axle Weight Calculator

RT Axle Weight Calculator

 RT Axle Weight is a simple App to check your math when using a Platform scale to get the weight on your axels. RoadTrucker recommends you use a CAT scale if available, since they guarantee the weight is correct, but there are times when a CAT scale is just not available. RT Axle Weight was designed for use with a standard 5 axel truck (a Single Steer, a Drive Tandem and a Trailer Tandem), but will also work with a Drive Tridem or Trailer Tridem. Please keep in mind that this only helps you with your weight, not your allowable weight. Click image for more information about RT Axle Weight Calculator.

RT Bridge Calculator

RT Bridge Calculator

 RT Bridge Calculator is a bit more complex App. To be meaningful to Truckers, it needed to go beyond the plain calculation results, yet still be clear as to the actual allowable weights per axel group. The Bridge Calculator results can be superseded by other limits. For example, some states may have a Grandfather clause.

The RT Bridge Calculator will always show you the calculated results using the Federal Bridge formula, in addition to any adjusted weight and the reason for the adjusted weight. Click image for more information about RT Bridge Calculator.

For further development of any application. Send us your comments / suggestions / feedback at RoadTrucker Feedback Form

Note: The above Apps are Copyright protected.

You are welcome to advertise the above Apps and offer them FREE to your website visitors, under the condition that you link back to this page, using a clickable follow or nofollow link and giving RoadTrucker full credit for the development.

 Selling this application is strictly prohibited by RoadTrucker.