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RoadTrucker® Press Release

RoadTrucker® Press Release at Trucking WS Trucking Guide

RoadTrucker®.com Products For Trucking & Traveling Comfort

In December of 2003, a new Virtual Truck Stop was born at RoadTrucker®.com.  Named RoadTrucker®, it was the brain child for a family owned and operated business.  RoadTrucker® offers 12-volt products designed to plug into a 12-Volt cigarette lighter receptacle.  RoadTrucker® focuses on the Trucker and their needs, but many of the 12-Volt accessories, like CB Radios, Radar Detectors, Coffee Makers, 12-Volt Freezers and Cooler/Warmers will work fine in an automobile.  RoadTrucker® is an Authorized distributor of RoadPro.

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Frank Oddo, RoadTrucker's President and CTO, commented "We want our website to be more than just another website that sells Truck products.  We offer a FREE email Alerts service to remind our Trucker and Traveler friends about important events like Birthdays or license renewals.  A Trucker Weather page and a Trucker News & Trucking News page which are updated automatically to help provide important information for those on our highways.  We also offer a Free Games page to just relax and chill for a bit."

Plans for the near future will include a Trucker's Forum and a Trucker's Chat so Drivers can share experiences and tips for traveling and saving money.  Free e-books on a variety of topics that might be useful are scheduled too.  RoadTrucker® has a Humanitarian page for those wishing to take a few minutes to think about those less fortunate. 

It is always easy to contact RoadTrucker® by a Free 800 number, by mail or by email and RoadTrucker's owners are always Open to Suggestions.  They want RoadTrucker® to be a better place to visit.  Take the time to Tell RoadTrucker® of a Mistake on their Website and they will send you a FREE Gift just to say thank you for caring enough to help make RoadTrucker® a High Quality Website for Truckers and Travelers.

Tina Rowland, RoadTrucker's Product Manager, says "We are very proud of our first Press Release.  I am the wife & daughter of Truckers. My husband & I have been in the Trucking Industry for over 13 years. We know how tough life on the road can be. Our mission is to make life a little easier for fellow truckers".

Press Release Date June 16, 2004