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FAQ: Frequently Asked Questions

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RoadTrucker's FAQ, Frequently Asked Questions are here to help answer some of the common or Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ) that come up over and over.  Frequently Asked Questions are not meant to be static, so any time you think we need to add a question, just Email and tell us you would like to see FAQ added.

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As an additional help to our customers, RoadTrucker now has Video Tutorial Help Pages. Easy-to-follow instructions and general information are shown in interactive videos.

  • Yes, as safe as you can anywhere else, but like everywhere else, you do need to use a little good judgment. See our Pointers for Shopping Safely online. We recommend you use PayPal, so you do not have to transmit your credit information each time you order.

  • Our customer's information is only used as needed to fulfill their order in a timely way.  We DO NOT SHARE any information with anyone.  Period! See our Privacy Policy.

  • YES & NO. You will need to sign for high dollar and high theft items, but otherwise, no, you will not need to sign for your package. For example, some items you will need to sign for are TVs, CBs, GPS, Engel Fridge/Freezers, etc. If our item number, located at the end of the product description has the number "5" in the 3 position from the left, a Signature may be required for delivery.

  • Yes, but we will hold the check until it clears (about 10 days). We really regret this, but  after 5 years in business we finally had a low life cheat us by passing us a bad check. You can thank these thieving pieces of dog crap Losers for the wait time.

    Mr. & Mrs. Corey BradshawHere is another Dead-Beat who thanked us by Cheating us.
    James BradshawZachary Fisher
    2920 Moore Ave20997 Westview Dr.
    Anniston, AL  36201Bend, OR  97702
    256-403-2817 / 256-328-3878541-771-8067 / 541-610-2546

    While we are at it, lets make mention of 2 others Dipsticks that deserve special mention. In my opinion, these 2 are worse then the common deadbeat thief. The first, Jeremy Landers, manipulated the system to rip-off a young girl for all of her profits and more (she only had 7 sales for the year). He basically took the food out of children's mouths because she donated 100% of her profit to feeding children in her country. She cried for a week even though we reimbursed her for all her losses. Did I mention this guy actually runs a carwash business? A REAL MAN, don't you think? His wife, must be so proud.
    The second, chip-on-the-shoulder poor excuse for a man, William Self, is another businessman I would not hit a sick dog in the behind with. In my opinion he is just plain dishonest. He was sent the wrong items. We sent him a shipping document, but he refused to send them back. I hope the "and son" turns out to be a lot better person then manipulating Willy.

    Jeromy LandersWilliam Self
    7555 Calder Ave.Self and Sons Trucking Inc
    Beaumont, Texas 77706109 Rocky Shoals Rd.
    409-673-0416Palmetto, Georgia 30268

  • No. We are only set-up to ship UPS and FedEx, depending on the product and where it is shipped from. For example, Our Koolatron Coolers are Shipped via FedEx directly from their US warehouse in New York, although if it's important and New York is out of stock, they will ship for us directly from Canada.  Either way, we need a Real Physical Address to confirm delivery.

  • Sorry, with the exception of logbooks, truck locks & Truck GPS, we are no longer shipping to either Alaska or Hawaii. These 2 states tend to be very problematic, as many of their residence have issues with the shipping cost and methods. I have lost track of those that have gotten obnoxious with us, blamed us and even ripped us off by canceling an order that had already been sent, not to mention the lecturing and making frivolous complaints.

    Many stores will not ship to Alaska, nor Hawaii, because (in addition to the above reasons) the shipping can be very hard to determine. Most of the shopping carts do not handle shipping to these 2 states very well, and there are a few people who will try and take advantage of this. If you are one of those, we would not want your business, so do not order, unless your going to take responsibility for your own shipping.

    Some of our vendors will only ship 2-day air, while others can ship ground, but that ground is very expensive. I think it is because it still has to go by air, but not directly from the point of shipping. As a result it does not always get there in 2 days, but more like 4 or 5. So selecting 2-day is required to pay for the shipping and NOT to indicate that you will get it in 2 days. If our vendors send it Ground to these 2 states, and the cost is less then what you paid, we will of course refund the difference. Note: for truck locks you can just choose 2-day. Choose Ground and we will cancel your order. For logbooks you will need to contact us for the shipping cost. For Truck GPS, choose the Canadian link, as we stock the Rand McNally and can send them via USPS. If this is not acceptable to you, you do have the right to shop someplace else.

  • Yes & No. It depends on the Country, the Product and the Quantity. Most wholesale orders can be shipped, with payment made via direct bank to bank transfers. Generally the shipping is too expensive to ship smaller Retail orders. We do have a lot of retail customer who ship to Canada.

    IMPORTANT: “Out of Country” orders usually incur additional shipping cost when shipped outside the United States. When applicable, RoadTrucker will send a none binding Invoice to the customer for the difference in shipping, that is not covered in the sales Order itself. Customer has the choice to pay the additional shipping or cancel the order and be refunded in full.

    Note: Customers are responsible for “In Country” Taxes, Custom Duties, Foreign Transaction and Brokerage Fees, and other charges, that may also apply, depending on the country of delivery.

  • No. All Free Shipping offers are for continental USA only. As you already know, shipping from the mainland to Alaska or Hawaii is much more expensive than the cost of shipping to the mainland. Consequently our Free Shipping Promotions Do NOT apply to Alaska nor Hawaii or Puerto Rico, or US Virgin Islands or any other country. We will subsidize it though with what we would normally pay. Please Note: We will ONLY accept orders for Logbooks, Truck Locks and Truck GPS, from the above places, but you MUST CHOOSE 2-DAY Shipping for the Truck Locks and call us for shipping cost for Logbooks and GPS. Note: If 2 day does not cover the cost to ship to Alaska and/or Hawaii and UPS Ground is available, we will substitute Ground and refund the difference, if there is any. Ground to Alaska and Hawaii is quit high, as it still goes by air, but they move it as close as they can via ground. We do this in an effort to help our Alaska and Hawaii Trucking customers.

  • No. Under NO circumstances will we be responsible for the delivery date of your order. In fact, our policy is to delete any orders that come with a contingent on the delivery date. If a deliver date is critical, we highly recommend you shop at a local store so you can take the item you need home yourself. There are just too many issue that can delay delivery. That said, we will do the best we can to process your order in a timely manner and see that it gets sent to the warehouse the same evening you entered it. On Xmas or other Holidays we may make a Guarantee for delivery by the Holiday if ordered by a certain date. For example, we usually Guarantee it will be there for Xmas if ordered by the 15th of December. This Guarantee is for your shipping cost only. You are still responsible for paying for your items.

  • Email of Course. You are always welcome to call, but all issues must be documented in writing via email. Besides, using Email is the Preferred Method because it leaves a Written Audit Trail; and Nothing Gets Dropped because it stays in the inbox until it is handled. Always Make Sure Your Order Number is in the Subject Line and keep a copy for your own records. You can email us here.

  • It is important to understand that there are 2 times that make up the total time for the delivery of your purchase. The first is Product Fulfillment and the second is Product Delivery.

    1. The time of Product fulfillment is the time it takes to get your order, process the credit card information, send it to the warehouse, waiting in the warehouse queue, pull it from the shelves (or possible manufacturing time), and put it on the delivery truck. This time usually takes anywhere from a few hours to 3 or 4 days if your order is places on Friday afternoon and has to wait until Monday (or Tuesday if a holiday). It can take as much as 2 or 3 weeks if the product has to be manufactured and has a long lead time. Note: Every Product has a "Shipping Guide" on the detailed page, which indicates average lead time, as well as other factors that might effect shipping.

    2. The second, Product Delivery time, is what you pay for by selecting Ground, 3-Day or 2-Day. This usually takes anywhere from 1 to 6 business days because weekends and holidays do not count. Selecting 3-days can actually take as many as 6 days if it includes a weekend and a holiday. What all delivery agents use is 3 business or working days. There is no such thing as Guaranteed 3-day counting the day of the order. We have had customers enter their order on Friday and expect it on Sunday. It is unrealistic, since it will not even be shipped until Monday (if not a holiday) at the earliest and Thursday would be 3-day (if Monday ,Tuesday & Wednesday are not holidays). Note: We have noticed that at times, the shipment will move on holidays and/or weekends, but they still do not count as delivery days.

    We try to get every day's orders processed each night, so that most will be delivered within 5 or 6  business days Max, although around Christmas time we tend to get a day or two behind. During most of the year most areas can expect delivery within 2 to 5 business days (for RoadPro products), if you order early in the day.  Selecting 3-Day Shipping should get it there within 3 business days from the day the order is shipped.  Please keep in mind that we cannot guarantee you a delivery date as the delivery service is not in our control. Please Note: Koolatron products are sent from Canada, by way of Batavia, NY, so expect a day or 2 delay. You can help by making sure your information is correct, so double check it and make sure you do NOT use a P.O. Box as the Ship To: address because we can not ship to a P.O. Box address. 

    The Most Common Reasons that Delay an Order are:

    - Wrong expiration date for Credit Card (Top Reason)

    - Billing Address given, does NOT match the Address your bank has on file and Bills You for your credit card. (Make Sure this is Correct)

    - Shipping Address is a P.O. Box and NOT a Physical Address.

    - Alaska or Hawaii have not chosen 2-Day, or requested a shipping quote. We would prefer not to ship to Alaska, nor to Hawaii unless you understand the RATES ARE HIGHER!

    Delay is compounded if the phone and email are not correct.  In fact, give us a bad phone number and we will cancel the order. After all you are asking us to trust you when you order.

  • It's easy to track your order at RoadTrucker®. Just Click on "Track Your Order" located at the top right hand side of our main page, RoadTrucker®.com. Enter your entire Order Number, including the leading zeros and click on "Order Status". Your order status will be shown. If UPS has scanned your order into their system, you will also see the Tracking Number and a button that says "Track". Click it and you will be taken directly to your order on UPS' web page. Note: FedEx orders will work the same way. If your order does not show, wait until evening or the next day. Sometimes it takes a while to get into the system.  Any problems, just call us.

  • We pay for Most of the Sales Tax for our Neighbors in North Carolina. We only charge orders shipped to NC, 3% of the 6.75% NC Sales tax (4.25% for the state & 2.5% for the county), our state charges us.  RoadTrucker® will pay the other 3.75% for your order. We hope our Carolina friends will find this very reasonable and continue to support RoadTrucker®. Although we think it is unconstitutional for Florida to force their vendors to force other states to collect their sales tax, Florida does it anyway. We have 1 vendor in Florida and that is Engel. We have no choice but to add the 6.5% Florida sales tax for all Engel orders shipped to Florida. Thankfully the Engels are well worth it. I wonder if we can charge Florida a collection fee? :o)

  • In general, no. We would love to, but because of the logistics, we can't in most cases. We drop ship many of our products directly from our suppliers and as a result ship from several different warehouses, including our own here in North Carolina. This makes it difficult to offer this service. The inventory we carry changes with marketing demands and availability so we never know what or when we will have a particular product here in Wilmington.

  • Not on the smaller, inexpensive items. However you can order Vu Qube Satellite Antenna, Engel 12 Volt Fridge/Freezers and any of our LCD TVs. Just place the order as you would normally. Please Note: We will NOT charge your card until the item actually comes in. We will then call you and confirm that you still want the item. Then we will charge your card and ship. This will allow you to continue looking for the item and to purchase elsewhere, if you find it. If you do not, you will be on the list, which will insure you will get one. For example, the Engel MT45 is continually going into backorder. The last 2 Truckloads we received were already sold to those preordering. I think we had 1 MT45 and 2 MR040s left for new customers.

  • In general, No. We generally ship directly from one of two RoadPro Warehouses and they are not set up to send outside the USA, although they are looking into the possibility.  Other considerations come into play like export laws, tariffs, high shipping charges, & delivery time. We will on occasion make the following 5 exceptions:

    - For Our Friends in Alaska and Hawaii, we are sorry to say that we will no longer ship most items to them. See our FAQ above, "Will You Ship to Alaska or Hawaii?", for items that we will ship.

    - For Our Friends in the Service, we will have the warehouse ship smaller items to us. We will then readdress them, take them to the Post Office, fill out the customs form and reship to Your APO address. There is a small $8 Service Charge (for postage) for each item. Go to our Product Catalog Page and at the bottom, add the Service Charge to the Shopping Cart. Please add 1 for each item ordered.

    - For our Small Business Trucker Friends in Canada, who are willing to pay the UPS freight from North Carolina, we will have the warehouse ship (Logbooks Only) to us at our expense and then re-ship to Canada. We're sorry we can't offer the Free Shipping we offer to those in the US. Cost will need to be determined for shipping.

    - For our Trucker Friends in Canada, we will ship any Koolatron Coolers or other Koolatron products directly from Koolatron's warehouse in Canada.  We only wish we could also do this with RoadPro and hopefully the time will come when we can. We can also ship the AirHawk Cushions and Power Hunt, high performance appliances, as well as any of the products we stock ourselves in Wilmington, like the Rand McNally TND510 and TND710, most of the 12 Volt Engel Fridge/Freezers.

    - For All Other Countries, we will ship medium to large Prepaid Wholesale Orders to most countries. No, we will not take checks, money orders, credit cards or other common mechanisms used by dishonest people. Yes, we will check out your business via local business partners and authorities. If the order is large enough, we may pay for shipping or part of it. Payment must be prepaid via a Bank Transfer directly to a Business Account we have set-up for this purpose, although we have since established other methods, so send us an email with your full address and item and  quantity you are interested in. We will reply back with a full quote and instructions for completing the order. Countries like Germany use this method for just about everything and we have found it to work very well. We can also ship any of the products we stock ourselves in Wilmington, like the Rand McNally TND510 and TND710, or most of the 12 Volt Engel Fridge/Freezers.

  • Most of our Prices are Clearly Marked just above the "Add to Cart" Buttons, but you can also add the item to the cart to see the price.

  • When you add an item to our Shopping Cart and wish to keep shopping, you only need to Click on the Link at the top that says "Continue Shopping".  It will take you back to the same page you added your item to the cart from. We apologize for the small link, but we rent our shopping cart and we cannot get them to make it the same size as the rest of the page.

  • Please feel free to send us an email at sales and we will be happy to assist you. I have been known to send a customer to our competitor if they have something we do not carry. We do not have a competitor mentality and we do not need to make every sale. I have also searched the Internet for hard to find items and sent the URL to our customer. We are not necessarily endorsing these website. It is up to you to decide if you want to do business with them, but I will at least find you websites that have at least been up for a month or two.

  • Please READ THE WEBSITE FIRST. Then if our website does not answer your question, you can call us. Also, RoadPro provides technical assistance for all their products.  You are welcome to call Toll Free (866) 622-7979 Monday to Friday from 8:30 am to 5:00 pm Eastern Time). Please Note: DO NOT CALL unless it is a ROADPRO or TRUCKSPEC Product!

  • Sorry Spare or Replacement parts are no longer available for RoadPro products.

  • No, but we recommend that you do, so you will receive a confirmation for your order and we can get in touch with you should there be a problem. It also allows us to send you a tracking number, when your item ships. We promise not to give your email to anyone, but if you are concerned, you can open up a temporary email at or and use that. There is no intelligent reason not to give an email.

  • NO! It is NOT ok to Copy our Product Photos.  We spend many hours scanning and taking pictures of our products and then cleaning up the photos so they will look good for our customers. Even when we use photos from our suppliers, we almost always crop and reduce the size for faster download.  That makes them our property and Copyrighted. We have found some of our competitors have just taken our work and put it on their own website. This is illegal and a Clear Violation of our Copyright. I certainly would not do business with someone who would take someone else's work and present it as their own. Makes you wonder what else they might be willing to do. We wish our competitors much success, but we would like to see them earn that success (as most do) by doing their own work.  We do give our customers permission to print our product pages for later review or to pass along to a friend.

  • Credit Card Companies charge a rate to process their credit cards, which of course gets passed on in the price of goods to the customer. That rate is generally advertised between 1% and 2%, which on the surface seems low.  However, in order for most businesses to use this service, they must also use a cottage industry created by the Credit Card companies to actually process the transactions.  And yes, you have to pay extra for this.   In addition to the 1% or 2%, a business must pay $0.25 to $0.35 for each individual transaction (to check if the card has funds) and also another $.05 to $0.10 for what is referred to as an AVS (Address Verification check.  Then when the individual transactions are processed together (called a batch which also gets deposited in your account), the business must again pay another $0.25 to $.35.  In addition, they charge for the Gateway ($10 to $15/month) and for a statement fee ($8 to $10.Mn) and of course each one has their other individual fees of 1 type or another.  And of course there is always minimums, which do not effect us anymore, but do totally screw new businesses who cannot make that minimum during their startup phase.

    Now the Industry is starting to charge a fee for the paper statement that they are already charging you for. Yaa. That's right, they are pushing businesses to get their statements electronically by charging them if they don't. How do they do that?  Easy, they first change the name of the fee from statement fee to customer service fee. Isn't that cute? I don't know about you, but my mom taught me that was just wrong. And get this. The extra charges they gouge you with are not allowed to be added to the sales order so that the customer knows who is really charging the fees. They must be added to the product so it looks like the merchant's prices are higher.  Momma called that a double standard, not to mention outright dishonest.

    And get this. We all know how the Credit Card industry brags about protecting their customers from fraud charges right? Well guess what? It's the merchant who covers the fraud charges and NOT the Credit Card companies. They don't cover squat! Oh! and there's more. Guess what the Credit Card Industry does when a merchant gets screwed with a bad credit card charge? Oh yes, besides bill them for the theft. They pounce down on the merchant with another Fee called a Charge Back Fee. Isn't that just as wonderful as you can get? They bill you and take more of your money when you get cheated from a bad Credit Card. Makes you wonder why so many of our children have Adult Trust issues, doesn't it? And trust me, this is just the tip of the iceberg.

    RoadTrucker® tracked the total charge for Credit Card processing for 2004 and found it was actually just over 4% of the cost of our products, on average, when all the fees were added. Think about that. What are we paying 4% for? It's so the customer can borrow the cost of the product for a month. That's an Interest charge equivalent to 48% a year. Even at a 45 day loan period, it would still be about 32 1/2%. And that's only if the customer pays the bill off at the end of the month. If they don't, there is another 8% to 20% or more in total cost to use the credit card. It could actually be almost 70%. Good Grief! Al Capone would roll over in his grave with jealousy. People use to go to jail for that. They called it loan-sharking. Now it's just called good business. And another cute tactic called "good business savvy" is delaying the amount deposited for 3 days or so. The guy who thought of it calls it Using other people's money. I call it stealing.

     And by the way, that 4% processing total, matches about 23% of our profit.  That's right, for every $100 we made in profit last year, the Credit Card Industry also sucked in $23. RoadPro, our major supplier, requested we pay by check because their processing fees were totally outrageous. We happily agreed and started using cash where possible, instead of credit cards because we would rather see the profit go to the merchant than to see it go to the Credit Card companies. Quite frankly I think a huge percentage of people would be much better off if they got rid of their credit cards. I stop at the bank machine on the way to shop and get cash, just so I do not have to use my credit cards.

    As this industry keeps looking for more and more ways to increase their profit, the cost of goods sold will rise. It's like an added tax, which in my opinion tends to slow the economy. You started to see it at the pumps (cheaper to pay cash), then by credit card. I am starting to see it at stores and also when paying via accounts. And that's Total Real Rate, NOT the BS Advertised Fictitious Rate. Oh, you don't think it's fictitious. Take a closer look at qualifying and non qualifying rates and you'll probably find that qualifying rates are not even for credit cards. There for debit cards. Who in their right mind would use a debit card except those with bad credit. Your bank account could be drained completely.

    This entire industry needs to be strongly regulated. We all know what a disaster deregulating the banks caused, now don't we?