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RoadTrucker's Site Map

The Site Map quickly shows our site visitors what is on the RoadTrucker website. All of the links below go to a Multi-Product page, which displays several products in a category. Each product is linked to a Detail Page. Click on the Product Picture or the "More Detail" Link for the Detail page.

All Product Detail pages have a larger picture of the product, a Product Information Box, a Shipping Guide, and if applicable, Manuals and Videos. See more on "How RoadTrucker Website is Laid Out" at the bottom of this page.

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RoadTrucker 12 Volt Products

    Travel Alarm Clocks
    Wondergel Comfort Seats
    Air & Electrical System Accessories
    Truck Air Horns
    Website Services for Truckers
Tire Accessories &

12 Volt and Other Accessories

How RoadTrucker Website is Laid Out

Every single RoadTrucker Webpage has the same top menu with the same 9 main menu bars. (Home, Shop By Category, Trucker Forum, Free Trucker Apps, Web Services, Sitemap, Support, Policies and Products). The "Shop By Category" button is similar to this Site Map page. The Products button links to the Legacy menu in case your comfortable with the older menus. There are also product links just below the Top Main Menu Bars, which we added for those use to the Legacy Menu.

RoadTrucker Product pages are divided into 2 basic layouts. The Multi-Product page shows all products in a Category. The Detailed pages show 1 product, or products that are so close, it would be inconvenient to put them on separate pages. Example: An Item comes in 2 colors, or several sizes.

All pages except the Detail Product pages have the same 3 menus on the left side of the page, The Top is the Products Menu, the Middle is the RoadTrucker Policy Menu and the Bottom is the Help Menu. Both the Policy and Help Menu have a Green Title. Just above these Side Menus on the Multi-Product Pages ONLY, are Group Menus. Group Menus are a list of Multi-Product links that are related. We colored them so you can clearly tell that they are different. And yes, we pushed the normal side menus down to make room for these Group Menus.

To find a product, you can use the Search Box at the top of all pages to find an individual product; or use the Menus or this Site Map Page to find a Product category page, then click on the picture or the "More Detail" link of the individual product your interested in.

Regardless, all Product pages have an order button for each product so that you do not have to click to another page to order that product.