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Canada: Premium Rand McNally Truck GPS - TND750/TND550

5/ 5

Dear RoadTrucker,

Thank you for the prompt delivery of the Rand McNally GPS to me in Canada. Your excellent service is greatly appreciated.

Mississauga, ON, Canada
5/ 5

"Hi would just like to say thanks for all your help and fast shipping of my new GPS TND730LM here in Canada have told a few of my friends on all the help i received and fast delivery thanks again"

Amherstburg, Ontario, Canada
5/ 5

"We received the GPS and it works amazing. Its everything thing you said about it. Thank you once again for saving the brokerage fees for us."

Napanee, ON, Canada
5/ 5

"Hi Frank its Glenn Greene from Canada just wanted to let you know that the IntelliRoute 710 I purchased from you is working fine my son took for its first road trip to Weymouth Ma. which is about a 9 hour run from here. He told me he loves it. It lets him know when speed limit changes, lets him know when crossing into new state, logs miles in each state, notifies of upcoming scales and much more, he said about the only thing it doesn't do is drive the truck, well that's about it for now .And i would like to say thanks for your after purchase service I don't buy much online, was unsure about buying online but would buy from you again in a minute just like to say thank you, and to anyone that is considering buying from you should have no fears whatever."

Prescott, ON, Canada

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The new Rand McNally portable GPS for truckers will automatically switch to Metric and cover Canada. The Truck GPS can help the Canadian commercial driver with routing that takes into account commercial Truck restrictions such as bridge heights and clearances, load limits, one-way road designations, left-hand and dangerous turn restrictions, and allowances. For example, a typical set of restrictions for a semi-trailer could be entered as 13'6" height, 80,000 lb. weight, 53' length, and 96" width. A GPS gets better with every update. 

Great News! The Enhanced Rand GPS are perfect for Canadian Residents who speak French or English or Spanish.

Rand McNally Trucker GPS for Canada w/Free Lifetime Maps

**New** CANADA Rand McNally TND750 GPS for Trucks

  • Rand McNally TND750 ELD Compatible 7" Trucker GPS
  • free shipping
  • Price:  $399.00

Note: $399.00 Plus $30 Express Delivery for All of Canada

  • Availability:
  • Out of Stock
  • Warranty:
  • 1 Year*
  • Manufacturer:
  • Rand McNally
  • Model #:
  • TND750

New  TND™750 Features

  • Fuel Price, Life time Map, Traffic & Weather Updates
  • New Visuals, Quicker responses, & Smoother Graphics
  • New Powerful Processing for Faster Routing
  • Modern & Clean Interface
  • Upgraded Mapping w/ 3-Dimensional Buildings & Landmarks

CANADA Rand McNally IntelliRoute 5" Trucker GPS TND550

  • Rand McNally TND530 5 inches Truck GPS
    1 Available
    $ 50 OFF Big Discount
  • free shipping
  • Price:  $289.99

Note: $289.99 Plus $30 Express Delivery for All of Canada

  • Availability:
  • Out of Stock
  • Warranty:
  • 1 Year*
  • Manufacturer:
  • Rand McNally
  • Model #:
  • TND550

TND550 Special - SAVE

  • Fuel Price, Life time Map, Traffic & Weather Updates
  • Fully Redesigned w/ Rand Navigation 2.0
  • Mapping Display w/ 3-Dimensional Buildings & Landmarks
  • Modern & Fresh Interface
  • ELD Ready w/ DriverConnect App

Use 5" Hard Case for TND550

Note: Don't forget to check the box for USPS EXPRESS Shipping if you order from the US page.

Please note: No GPS is perfect. Please take a moment and read "Understanding the Trucker GPS". There is normally no returns on open electronics. However, we will wave that and allow a return for a Limited period within 14 Days of purchase or 5 days after delivery with a 20% restocking Fee.  Note: Scratch or damage the GPS in any way and you bought it. There is a $100 manufacturer's fee for returning a GPS that is anything other than pristine new condition. Note*: The warranty does not include the glass face.

Briefly, the following covers...

  • You need to use PayPal Checkout for your Canadian address
  • You need to cover $30 of the extra shipping of $64 to Canada via USPS Express. We pay the other $34
    • The Extra $30 is included in the price if you order from this page.
    • You will need to check the "Shipping to Canada" box, if you order on any other page to add the Extra $30.
  • We will Ship USPS Express which will track the package for you
  • Normally you can expect delivery from 3 to 5 business days, (assuming Customs does not fall in Love with it).

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Please Note:  We have had so many of our Canadian Truckers ask if we could ship the Rand McNally to Canada, that we decided to look into it. Normally the supplier will not ship to Canada. The Solution? We purchased 50 of the units, just for our Canadian friends and will ship them directly from Wilmington, NC. We will fill out the Commercial Invoices in Triplicate and the NAFTACO, (North American Free Trade Agreement Certificate of Origin), if needed.

Please give us 2 or 3 days to ship; and then allow 3 to 5 business days to travel. You should also be prepared, that it may be held up in Canada Customs for who knows how long. We will try to send you the Tracking number within 2 or 3 days of your order. We have found that it generally takes about a week and a half to possibly 2 weeks all together. But it is sure better than paying for excessive UPS brokerage fees.

That shipping cost is $64 since we send it USPS Express (otherwise you cannot track it). We pay $34 of that, so that you will get the equivalent of the Free shipping that we offer to our US customers. Actually you get a little more. You will notice that the total cost in the shopping cart includes that $30 cost, if you order from this page. If you click through to the US page, you will need to click the box marked Shipping to Canada, which will add the $30 for your share of the extra shipping. This will save you the excessive UPS brokerage fee (can be $99). It is a little extra work for us and we usually have to stand in line at the Post office for 20 minutes or so, but we are happy to do it, if it means keeping your total cost down. We will do what we can to keep your cost at a minimum. Frank and Marissa

Shipping Note:  We now only ship USPS Express, because the Post Office stopped updating tracking information on Priority mail and Priority usually takes at least a couple of weeks for delivery and you have no idea where it is or when it will be delivered. USPS Express is supposed to be there in 3 to 5 business days according to the US Post Office. Don't count Saturdays, Sundays, nor Holidays. This is from the day we drop it off, so add an extra day or 2 for that. We generally take it to the Post Office on the next business day following your order. It may be the day after that, when things get busy for us. We will send you the tracking number so you can track your GPS.

Please also note that if you need to return your GPS for any reason at all, you will pay to return it to RoadTrucker and we will pay for sending you the replacement. We Save you over $90, plus we pay for $34 of your original shipping. That is $115 US in your pocket. It is only fair for you to share the cost with us on those occasions where a return is necessary. Should you have to send your GPS back, we will update and Test the replacement unit for you before sending it to you.

The new Premium 7" TND 750 Rand McNally IntelliRoute® Truck GPS is the best of the best. The TND750 comes with all the features of the 5", plus A large 7" High Definition Screen which greatly improves the graphics, Wi-Fi for weather updates, and much more. The precise screen combined with enhanced map data, larger buttons, and a reasonable speaker significantly improve the driver's experience. A big benefit for those paying for their fuel is Live Fuel prices. Check it out.

The TND750 exceeds the needs of the commercial truck driver with tools to help drivers run more profitably and efficiently. It's more than just a GPS - it's a complete set of tools to help drivers from Rand McNally, the industry leader in mapping and truck routing. Built specifically for professional drivers, the TND750 is designed to make the professional driver' s trucker's daily life more efficient.