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RoadTrucker: About Us

We would like RoadTrucker® to be more than just a company you do business with.  We hope that you will see us as a family who has the Trucker's best interest at heart.  Most importantly, we want you to know us as friends.  Anytime you have an idea that can improve RoadTrucker®, please do not hesitate to Write Us and let us know. 

 If you see a problem with RoadTrucker®.com, write us and tell us about it.  We will send you a little gift to say thank you.  And yes, if you have any questions about us, feel free to ask.  We are here to help and to make the Trucker's life a little easier.

We believe, that the "purpose" of business should not be to make a profit. It should be a higher ideal. The "Purpose" of business should be to increase the quality of life for the participants in the economic community, with profit, as it's primary "Goal". our company motto is "Honesty and Integrity Above All Else".

Who's Who at RoadTrucker®.com!

  • Portrait of Frank in Hong Kong My Brother In Hong Kong.  Getting a picture of him is like pulling teeth. My brother Frank has a wide diversity of talent.  He is well versed in Finance, Electronics, Software, Firmware and Computers.  He worked for many years as a Project Leader and Systems Analyst for General Electric Aircraft Engine.  He is also a talented Guitar Player and Song Writer and does volunteer work when time allows.  He is chairing the Technical Committee for the World Class Light Show at Airlie Gardens in Wilmington, NC in 2004 and serves on the Advisory board to the New Hanover Country Board of Commissioners for both the Public Library and the Industrial Facilities and Pollution Control Finance Authority.  He recently went back to college for his 3d degree and graduated with high honors, obtaining a Baccalaureate of Science in Business Management and Organizational Development.  A nice balancing touch to his computer and electronic skills.

    Most importantly, he is the major stock holder and driving force behind the startup of RoadTrucker® and through his guidance as CEO and President, I hope to become a business leader my family and friends can be proud of.

  • Marissa Bontia Oddo and Her Dog, Puff My Brother's Wife, Marissa Bontia Oddo and Her Puppy, Puff.

    My sister-in-law also has many talents. She Owned and Managed several businesses in her home country, the Philippines. She Owned and Operated a Grocery Store and Restaurant and a Videoke Store. She also ran her Family's Water Business and Helped Her Mother Raise Pigs. Marissa is RoadTrucker's Super Model too. Marissa is one of the Most Loving People I have ever met. She started a Charity called Marissa's Kitchen which Provides Free Lunches for Grade School Children. The nice thing about Marissa's Charity is that No Officers, Directors or Trustees draw a salary. They work for Free. All donations are from

  • Lenito Alarde - Team Member/Comptroller A Loyal & Trusted Team Member and Friend.

    Lenito is RoadTrucker's Comptroller and one of our most trusted and dedicated Team members. Lenito graduated with honors at CRMC, Bogo, Philippines, with a degree in Management Accounting.  He is responsible for all financial matters, including Payroll and taxes for both Federal and State. Lenito serves as Marissa's Kitchen's auditor and must approve all purchases in collaboration with Maribeth Olasiman, Marissa's Kitchen's Treasurer. He is also responsible for RoadTrucker's Configuration Control.

    Lenito is also the Project Leader for the building of RoadTrucker's new 258 sq. meter 2 story building. That's a total of almost 6,000 sq.'. Lenito created the Project plan from scratch and has been supervising the building from the clearing of the land, to adding 110 dump truck loads of anapog (lime stone), to the hiring and supervising of 28 carpenters and helpers throughout the building process.

    Lenito also has SEO (Search Engine Optimization) and graphic arts skills and supports our web Team in both areas.

    Lenito has left RoadTrucker for a calling to the Ministry. He will always be a friend, family and a well respected Team Member of RoadTrucker.

  • Manette I. Bontia - Team Member/Customer Processing Leader A Trusted Team Member, Friend and Sister

    Manette is RoadTrucker's Customer Processing Leader. She is the Team member who is responsible for Accounts Receivable, Credit Card processing and Fraud Prevention. She is also the backup for RoadTrucker's Comptroller. Manette graduated at the University of Cebu Lapu-Lapu and Mandaue with a Bachelor of Science in Commerce. She majored in management accounting.

    Manette is not afraid to get her hands dirty, as she proved to her team when she jumped right in to help install the electrical wiring in RoadTrucker's new building.  She says she loves eating and driving her motorcycle :o). Manette also has SEO (Search Engine Optimization) and some website skills and supports our web Team in both areas.

    Manette has also taken the position of RoadTrucker Comptroller and is excellent with Statistics, Excel and Online Advertising.
    She handles all RoadTrucker Metrics.

  • Ivene Catana - Team Member/Web Leader A Trusted Team Member and Friend.

    Ivene is RoadTrucker's Website Design Leader. He is the Team member who is responsible for developing and implementing RoadTrucker's Web site programs. Ivene has exceptional design skills and stands out in graphic design. Naturally he has strong html, CSS, JavaScript, Php and Database skills, as well as technologies like Json, Ajax and Jquery. Ivene is also highly skilled in Photoshop and Adobe Illustrator.

    Ivene graduated from Cebu Roosevelt Memorial Colleges in San Vicente St. Bogo City, Philippines, with a degree in Information Technology. He received a medal for being the graphic artist of the year and programmer of the year.

    Ivene also has SEO (Search Engine Optimization) knowledge and backs up our Comptroller when necessary.

  • Portrait of My Mom and Al,Her Husband of 25 years My Mom and Al, her Husband and Friend of 25 years.

    My mother is no longer with us, in person, but she will always be with us in our hearts.  All that we are today is a direct result of what she gave us over the years as we grew up.  She was, is, and always will be the Inspiration of RoadTrucker ®.  Everything we are, and everything we will become, will always reflect that part of her she gave to us.  We love you mom.  We miss you every day.

See How RoadTrucker Started

RoadTrucker is presently building a new 6,000 Sq.' building with 2 floors. The 1st floor is almost complete, with only the painting and Air-conditioning left before our Team can move in. The new RoadTrucker offices will provide plenty of room to allow the hiring of new Team members. We just hired 2 more Team Members and are interviewing for 1 or 2 more.