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RoadTrucker Shipping Policy

  • A RoadTrucker shipping guide is a .PDF document, located on the detailed page of each product, to help our customers determine what day they will receive the product. It is composed of the following parts.

    • City and State where the product will be shipped from.
    • The relative efficiency of the shipper
    • A UPS shipping map from that city
    • An example of how to use the UPS shipping map
    • A copy of "How Long Will My Delivery Take

    You will find the RoadTrucker Shipping Guide just under the "Detailed" section, which is under the large product picture on the right side of the Detailed product page. Look for the PDF icon.


  • In general, we do not refund shipping cost paid with your order. Shipping is equivalent to the cost of driving to and from your local store and you do not ask them to refund your gas, oil and vehicle wear and tear. There are exception, where we will refund you for Ground Shipping ONLY. Under no circumstances will we refund you for convenience shipping (Overnight, 2-day, 3-day, etc.).  If you decide to convenience ship (other than ground), you do it at your own risk. Even if the item is faulty or not the correct item, we will only be responsible for Ground shipping. The above refers to shipping cost you paid to RoadTrucker at the time of your order, if applicable.

    In general, we do not provide free shipping to return an item. There are exceptions, where we will provide you with a prepaid shipping document, which you must request from RoadTrucker within the allotted time. Under no circumstances will we reimburse your prepaid shipping, that you paid to ship an item back, nor will we accept COD.

    The exceptions are as follows:

    1. If we or one of our distributors sends you the wrong item, you have 14 days from the time of order, to let us know and we will send you a prepaid shipping document, so that you can conveniently send it back. Please do not just send it back without requesting a shipping label, as we will NOT reimburse you for your prepaid shipping.

    2. If you receive a damage product and you contact us within 10 days of your order or 7 days of delivery, and Request a Prepaid shipping document be sent to you. We will send you a prepaid shipping document (US ONLY), so that you can conveniently send it back. Any time after the 10 day period, it will have to come back as a warranty repair or exchange. Please do not just send it back without requesting a shipping label, as we will NOT reimburse you for your prepaid shipping.

    3. Any items sent outside the US, must be retuned at the customer's expense. No Exceptions. If you are not willing to pay to return a product, then do not buy it. We are a US based retailer and only ship outside the country as a benefit to those outside the US.


  • In general, we do not refund any shipping cost paid with your order, nor do we pay for any return shipping, unless it was clearly the wrong product. Minor variations do not count. For example, the shade of the color was not what you expected or the product looks different, but is clearly the same type of product. We are a US based Corporation with almost all of our suppliers in the US. There is an exception, where we will refund you for Ground Shipping ONLY. The exception is limited to Koolatron products shipped to Canada. Under no circumstances will we refund you for any shipping. When you choose to order from another country, you take full responsibility for the order and especially for the shipping cost. Naturally we will do everything we can to try and get the correct product to you in good condition, but we only ship to other countries as a courtesy to you. We would prefer, that you shop in your own country to avoid unnecessary complications, as well as to avoid Customs.

  • See 'What's a Shipping Guide", above.

    It is important to understand that there are 2 times that make up the total time for the delivery of your purchase. The first is Product Fulfillment and the second is Product Delivery.
    1. The time of Product fulfillment is the time is takes to get your order, process the credit card information, send it to the warehouse, waiting in the warehouse queue, pull it from the shelves (or possible manufacturing time), and put it on the delivery truck. This time usually takes anywhere from a few hours to 3 or 4 days if your order is places on Friday afternoon and has to wait until Monday (or Tuesday if a holiday). It can also take as much as 2 or 3 weeks if the product has to be special made or manufactured.

    2. The second, product delivery time, is what you pay for by selecting Ground, 2-day or 3-Day. This usually takes anywhere from 1 to 6 days as weekends and holidays do not count. Selecting 3-days can actually take as many as 6 days if it includes a weekend and a holiday. What all delivery agents use is 3 working days. There is no such thing as Guaranteed 3-day counting the day of the order. We have had customers enter their order on Friday and expect it on Sunday. It is unrealistic, since it will not even be shipped until Monday (if not a holiday) at the earliest and Thursday would be 3-day (if Monday ,Tuesday & Wednesday are not holidays).

      Note: The UPS Service Guarantee does not apply when transportation networks are disrupted due to conditions beyond UPS's control. I am sure FedEx & all other delivery services have a similar policy. Wouldn't you?

    We try to get every day's orders processed each night, so that most will be delivered within 5 or 6  business days Max, although around Christmas time we tend to get a day or two behind. During most of the year most areas can expect delivery within 2 to 5 business days (for RoadPro products), if you order early in the day (before 8am).  Selecting 3-Day Shipping should get it there within 3 business days from the day the order is shipped.  Please keep in mind that we cannot guarantee you a delivery date as the delivery service is not in our control . Please Note: Koolatron products are sent from Canada, so expect a day or 2 delay.  You can help by making sure your information is correct, so double check it and make sure you do NOT use a P.O. Box as the Ship To: address because we can not ship to a P.O. Box address.  The Most Common Reasons that Delay an Order are:

    • Wrong expiration date for Credit Card (Top Reason)
    • Billing Address given, does NOT match the Address your credit card bank has on file and sends your monthly statement to. (Make Sure this is Correct)
    • Shipping Address is a P.O. Box and NOT a Physical Address.
    • Alaska or Hawaii have not requested a shipping quote. We would prefer not to ship to Alaska, nor to Hawaii unless you understand the RATES ARE HIGHER!  Most of our supplier use UPS or FedEx and will NOT ship via the post office.

    Delay is compounded if the phone and email are not correct.  In fact, give us a bad phone number and we will cancel the order. After all you are asking us to trust you when you order.  

    We wrote the above to try and help you get a good understanding of what to expect, but please also understand that although 99% of the time, it will happen exactly as we have described, there will still be those rare times when it does not. We are NOT guaranteeing the above as an absolute. We are just letting you know the way things usually work.

    RoadTrucker recommends that if a product is critical to your needs, you should buy it locally, so that you can take full responsibility for the delivery (i.e.. You pick it up yourself). No matter how much we plan, things happen. It is the process of life, so plan for it. When those irritable things do happen, take it with a grain of salt and move on, but under no circumstances should you sacrifice your happiness. Frank and Marissa and the RoadTrucker Team.