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Trucker Resources

  • Weather Across the Nation - The National Weather Service provides the latest weather for major cities across the US.

  • State DOTs - The Department of Transportation is a valuable resource for anyone who travels on US highways.

RoadTrucker®'s Trucker Resources page is meant to be a list of short descriptions and links to different resources that are important to or that can help our Truckers.  We have started with a link to a National Weather map that has further links to the National Weather Service's website page for each part of the US and another US map with links to the individual state DOTs website, which should make it easier for our Trucker friends to quickly find the DOT of the state they are driving in or through.

Our Trucker Resources list is short, but not static.  We plan to add more as time and resources allow.  We were thinking of adding a Trucker's Forum, but thought it might be so useful that we should put it on the menu instead.  RoadTrucker®'s Trucker Resources are not ours.  They belong to you, so if you have a resource that you would like us to add, just let us know.  If you would like to take the time to research road conditions or some other useful content, then please do.