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Transport Security - Seal Guard Permanent Mount
Transport Security - Seal Guard Permanent Mount Lock Tumblers / Disks Lock Tumblers / Disks Lock Tumblers / Disks Lock Tumblers / Disks

Seal Guard Permanent Mount  

Made In USA
Price: $108.00

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Protects Plastic, Bolt, Metal, & Cable Security Seals.

Top Features:

  • Protects Trailer Load & Security Seals
  • Choose Seal Guard: Powder Coated White or Stainless Steel
  • Permanently Installed on Trailer Door Covering Security Seal
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Warranty1 Year
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ManufacturerTransport Security
Model No.Several
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  • Seal Guard LockSeal Guard Lock


  • Seal Guard Permanent Mount (Choose from the selection)
    • Powder Coated White 5900 (NO LOCK)
    • Powder Coated White 5900-C (w/Abloy 341-25 Lock)
    • Stainless Steel 5950 (NO LOCK)
    • Stainless Steel 5950-C (w/Abloy 341-25 Lock)

Protect your trailer load and security seals with the seal guard permanent mount. It is designed to prevent unauthorized opening of trailer doors in addition to seal protection. The seal guard works with plastic, bolt, metal and cable seals. It can also be secured with ENFORCER Abloy 341-25 Lock (choose from the selection).

The seal guards are mostly used by Groceries/Food and Pharmaceuticals. The purpose is to guarantee that the container has not been breached. It proves the contents have not been contaminated. The receivers should refuse delivery if the seal has been broken or is not securing the doors.

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