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Mistakes Feedback 1

Letters to Help RoadTrucker® Stay Error Free

Following are Comments from Customers who sent in website errors they spotted. They received a little Trucker gift of appreciation from RoadTrucker® for helping us keep our website free of mistakes. The following errors will qualify for our Free Gift. Errors in Product Descriptions, Words Spelled Incorrectly. Not things like Capitalization, Punctuation, Hyphenations or using common wording like log book and logbook, unless the use is obviously wrong.  For example we want to hear about capitals like Capital where the A is obviously a mistake or They're where the ' is obviously in the wrong place. Have fun. Frank

We are being forced to suspend our little fun here because someone is sending a ton of users to our website who are giving us error information that we are not interested in. We have had 6 mentioning capitalization and most do not even tell us the webpage. If you are a customer, let us know and we will still play our little game of keeping the website right and sending you our Free Gift. Thanks for your understanding.  Frank

Ypsilanti, MI United States Flag
re: Check the bottom of the page for a minor error - "until" typed twice: Includes FREE SHIPPING Until Until Christmas & $5 Instant Rebate

Frank Hi Jan,
Not anymore, thanks to you. :o) send me your address for our little thank you gift.
Cebu, Philippines United States Flag
Dear Sir:
I just went to RoadTrucker ®'s site map and found a link under important trucker resources. Whether Across the Nation When I click on it, I was brought to Trucker Weather Forecast. I must admit I'm not proficient in English but this one got my attention. Was this a misspelling or I'm just the one thinking on it? If I'm wrong I humbly apologize for the inconvenience. Very truly yours,

Frank Hi Jess,
I found and corrected it and the "tool tip". Good catch. There is no need to apologize as you are doing our website and us a favor by pointing out errors for us.
Chicago, Illinois United States Flag
I found a mistake on your website and want to tell you. The Colby 9" 12v TV is listed as 1.5" high. I'm certain that's wrong. If I end up buying a TV from you maybe you can send me a free gift.

Frank Hi Barbara,
Send me your address and I will send you a little thank you gift.
Columbus, Ohio United States Flag
I found an error on your website located at http://www.RoadTrucker ®.com/travel-bags-3.htm. The word "too" should be "to" in the sentence "...allows you too...". I don't know if you still send out free gifts and it doesn't really matter...just wanted you to know of the error. 26" Leather Travel Luggage w/Dirty Laundry Storage. Slips easily into most storage spaces. This is an elegant looking travel bag. You must see it to appreciate it. It comes with a terrific feature that allows you too store your dirty laundry in a separate compartment.

Frank Hi Geri,
Send us your address and we will send you a little token of our appreciation.
Ohio United States Flag
During most of the year you can expect your package within 2 to 5 business days (depending on where [[[ your ]]]] located) your should be you are or you're

Frank Hi Miralyne,
A lot of people caught this one, but you were the first, so you get our little gift of appreciation. Send your address.
Lafayette, IN United States Flag
Hello. I found an error: Under Travel Gifts: "As a Roadpro Distributor, RoadTrucker ® features Roadpro's Travel Gifts which were designed for Trucker's, RVers and Travelers." That should be "Truckers" without an apostrophe. I hope that helps. Have a good day!

Frank Hi Julie,
Almost could not find it because you did not give me the webpage URL. Remember the idea is to help us correct the mistakes as well as point them out. Send me your address and I will send you a little thank you gift.
Roscommon, MI United States Flag
Gift Certificates Page This is the beat gift to give someone who is hard to buy for. I think instead of "beat" you meant to write "best" so you can send my free gift to: Thank you.

Frank Hi Roxane,
Hard to believe that one wasn't caught a long time ago. But it's a good one. Our little gift is on the way.
Columbia, MO United States Flag
On this page:http://www.RoadTrucker®.com/12-volt-cooking/12-volt-cooking.htm "your" should be spelled "you're"

Frank Hi Aaron,
We do that a lot.. :o)  Send us your address & we will send our little token of thanks. Thanks for giving us the actual webpage.
Monroe, Louisiana United States Flag
Safety Groups and Unionized Leaders appose the new "Hours of Service" Regulation. Give us your thoughts and opinions. We care off of page....http://www.RoadTrucker ®.com/hours-of-service-rule.htm should this not read oppose? That was fun!! Love your site

Frank Hi Pat,
Don't know how that got back to appose, but you are right. It is supposed to be opposed. We have corrected it. Send us your address and we will send you a little gift to say Thanks.
Holly Woodruff Beaverton, OR United States Flag
I found an error on your Track Stick GPS page. first off I want to say I have a daughter who is turning 16 next month and I think this is an AWESOME idea! I did find a mistake on your page however. At the bottom when you talk about the son 'flying by' at 35 mph, you spelled "grief" as "greif", which is incorrect. Just helping out!

Frank Hi Holly,
Finally.. Someone who actually tries to help. We have been getting a ton of generalized corrections that we cannot use. Including an English major neurotic who let me know how disgusting my site was... Yeeuckk.. It's the freekin internet, not a Masters' thesis.. :o) Someone must be sending these people here and the gift is meant for those browsing the website. But yours, as I said was a real error. A real misspelling that our spell check missed and I have corrected it and have a little gift for you. So send me your address and I will put it in the mail for you. Thanks
Bedford, VA United States Flag
There seems to be a problem with the DOT map page. When I click on VA, it opens the WV page!!

Frank Hi Julie,
Good catch Julie. That error has been out there for at least a year. What? No body from Virginia using our DOT Map? :o) Send me your address & a little gift of appreciation will be in the mail.
Naperville, Illinois United States Flag
We offer a Free Games page to just relax and chill for bit. I believe this should say chill for a bit I'm looking to order loose leaf logs with my info preprinted

Frank Hi Don,
A man of few words huh? Send address. I'll send little gift. :o)
Fort Valley, Georgia United States Flag
on the Koolatron page at the bottom you wrote, "Have your checked out our 12-Volt cooking items"? It should read "Have you checked out our 12-Volt cooking items"? Need to fix!

Frank Hi Paula,
We have corrected the error and thank you for taking the time to care. We also thank you for your order and will send you a little gift to say thanks.
Norcross, Georgia United States Flag
This is the page: http://www.RoadTrucker®.com/koolatron/12-volt-freezer-f-86.htm This is the current text: "Large 37 Quart Capacity (35 Leaders)." This is the problem: "Leaders" should be "Liters"

Frank Hi Tom,
I love these errors because there the kind that usually get propagated with the cutting and pasting we do to save time. I still can't believe there was only one of them, but that was all there was. Now, thanks to you, there are none. Send me your address and we will send you a little token of our appreciation for helping to keep our website professional.
Aurora, Colorado United States Flag
Under your link entitled "Looking for a 12-Volt color TV DVD?" the wording states, "This little TV has a Big Picture. In fact if you watch the new widescreen on a 13" screen, it will actually be small then this TV. " It should say " will actually be smaller than this TV." Thanks.

Frank Hi David,
What can I say, except thanks and send me your address and we will send you a little token of our appreciation? :o)
Brooklyn, New York United States Flag
Hi Guys....First of all...You have great products and I can't wait to try out my 12-Volt Koolatron Thinline Space Saver Compact 18 Quart Cooler. I did find an error on your FAQ page regarding Accepting American Express Credit Cards. In the 3rd to last paragraph I believe you meant to say ''they'' not ''the'' in the line: I will be happy to start taking American Express again, if the give RoadTrucker® a rate equivalent to Visa and Master Card. Thank you and I look forward to getting more cool items in the future.

Frank Hi Scott,
You are going to love your Koolatron. They are by far the best Coolers we have tried to date. And we appreciate you taking the time to read and give us feedback on our website. A little thank you gift is on the way.
Florida United States Flag
Hi Frank, Hope you had a wonderful holiday weekend! I had a 3 day and I'm exausted. Anyway, I went through your creation - and found a few errors that I thought you might want to know about. Believe me, this is not to criticize you - just to help make it better! I know what a perfectionist you are! I do remember that much! Anyway, I wrote it on a Word doc and attached it for you to view at your leisure. Gotta run,

Frank Hi Gayle,
You have 2 misspelled words in your eMail.. :o)..  Ooo..  Just couldn't help myself... :o)  Seriously though, I really appreciate you taking the time to do that. That eBook is published all over the net. Ouch!! Oh well, at least I can make it right on our website. Thanks. (Gail is an old friend who critiqued my eBook on "How to Protect Your Email Address").  Woops.. Guess you can take that 2 different ways.. :o).
Massachusetts United States Flag
Dear Editor, I found a mistake......  On the Product catalog page under gifts & play things. It says click here for gifts & playthings like wooden toy truck. I think you meant trucks because when you click on it, it does show 2 of them. I am glad I found you guys. My dad is a trucker & is the hardest person to buy for. Now I know were I can find his gifts for now on. Thank you!!!!!

Frank Hi Tricia,
I put that one there just for you..:o)  Send me your address and I'll send you a little thank you for caring gift. I think your dad will be pleasantly surprised.
Statesboro, Georgia United States Flag
Hi Frank, In your paragraph beginning "We do which you talk about 12-Volt Truck Accessories, you state "we carry...Travel Gifts for Trucker and Travelers..." I believe that should be "Truckers and Travelers", plural for both. Great web site, by the way. Best of luck to you and Tina.

Frank Hi Marilyn,
No we only have 1 customer who is a trucker.. :o) Ok.. Just kidding.. Send me your address and I will send you our little gift of appreciation. Hope all is well with Art and John.
  Note: Marilyn and her son John and husband Art are old friends.
Havertown, Pennsylvania United States Flag
Hi, Frank, or Tina: I am writing you today to inform you of a miss spelled word on your website. Plus, I want something free! hehe Well, I found it when I was reading the item info for the Deluxe Organizer w/ wireless phone holder for $12.99. It read, "I can't think pf anyone who hasn't needed the 4 items in the Deluxe Organizer." The pf should be (of). Thanks for a great website!

Frank Hi James,
  When you are right, you are right. Thanks for taking the time to help us look literate.. :o) Send me your address and I will get our little thank you out to you.
Montreal, Canada United States Flag
spelling mistake. If your familiar with our site and just want to see what the latest products added are, Click Here for New Products. That should be "if you're familiar with

Frank Hi Jackie,
Well that one's a common one. You would think we would have caught all those. :o) Send me your address and I'll get your little gift of appreciation off to you.
Marengo, Illinois United States Flag
Nothing is More Important then Safety! Be Sure your Cargo and Persons are Secure with 1,500 lb Test Capacity Tie-Downs. Should be "Nothing is More Important than Safety!")

Frank Hi Sandy,
Who would a thought? Don't you dare send back "of".. :o) Send me your address and I'll send you a little thank you cause you found one.
HEALDSBURG, California United States Flag
Frank, On this page: http://www.RoadTrucker ®.com/trucker-needs-3.htm In your description of the Cobra GPS100 18-channel GPS Receiver I think you meant to write: "wandering around" and not "wondering around" in the following: If you have ever been wondering around, exploring a strange city, you have probably found yourself lost or worse, in a cab taking you (by way of the scenic route) back to your hotel when you wanted the direct route

Frank Hi Shay,
Wow. That's sure a good one. Send me your address and I'll get you a little gift out right away. Thanks
Somerville, Massachusetts United States Flag
Dear Tina, Just a small error on this page:
http://www.RoadTrucker ®.com/faq.htm. How Do I Order More Thank 1 Item. I believe that this should read, How do I order More Than 1 item. Hope that this is helpful. *susan*

Frank Hi Susan,
Send me your address and I'll send you our little gift of appreciation. Every Little bit helps. Thanks
New Carlisle, OH United States Flag
Dear Site Editors, Since you asked...beside the photo and heading of your Crockpot item, there is a repeated descroiption of the saucepan/popcorn popper instead of crockpot description. I noticed this particularly because I was looking for gifts for my daughter and son-in-law who are brand-new truckers and thought a crockpot would offer healthy meal choices. Any free gift will trundle right off to my trucker children. Thank you

Frank Hi Pearl,
Oh you found a classic cut and paste error and it is very much appreciated. Send me your address and I'll send you our little gift to say Thank You for helping to keep our website professional and accurate
Arizona United States Flag
Regarding American Express, " a business must pay $0.25 to $.035 for each individual transaction" did you mean 3.5 cents?

Frank Hi Ron,
No I meant 35 cents. Send me your address and I'll send you a little gift of appreciation for taking the time.