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Mistakes Feedback 2

Letters to Help RoadTrucker® Stay Error Free

Following are Comments from Customers who sent in website errors they spotted. They received a little Trucker gift of appreciation from RoadTrucker® for helping us keep our website free of mistakes. The following errors will qualify for our Free Gift. Errors in Product Descriptions, Words Spelled Incorrectly. Not things like Capitalization, Punctuation, Hyphenations or using common wording like log book and logbook, unless the use is obviously wrong.  For example we want to hear about capitals like Capital where the A is obviously a mistake or The'yre where the ' is obviously in the wrong place. Have fun. Frank

We are being forced to suspend our little fun here because someone is sending a ton of users to our website who are giving us error information that we are not interested in. We have had 6 mentioning capitalization and most do not even tell us the webpage. If you are a customer, let us know and we will still play our little game of keeping the website right and sending you our Free Gift. Thanks for your understanding.  Frank

Lincoln Park, Michigan United States Flag
see url : http://www.RoadTrucker ®.com/trucker-needs-1.htm look at : Duplicate Driver's Daily Logbooks - $89.85 per Case notice : no jpeg photo of item out of sight, out of mind, $ "no sale" $ hey frank !, wonder ifin : i could sneak this one in for : my " little gift of appreciation " or... if : i'm still going in the wrong direction for : a small token of your appreciation only, that will not revolutionize my life...-lol- thought i might brighten your day !

Frank Hi Jeffery,
   Nope.... you got it right this time... :o) And this is a real good one. Send me your address and I send you your gift of appreciation for taking the time to help keep our website professional. I know you will have to appreciate that you spelled your name wrong in the first email to me. Can I get a little gift? LOL.

  Note: Jeffery tried to get a free gift by making suggestion for improvements on the website. I mentioned he was going in the wrong direction, we were looking for mistakes.
Essex, Maryland United States Flag
Because you asked... Your letters to the editor (Customer feedback) page (below) talks about Tina, the Product manager - but it's spelled "manger"

Frank Hi Kevin,
It never ceases to amaze me that we still have so many very old errors on the website. And on our Customer Feedback page to boot.  Thanks
Edmonton, Alberta, Canada United States Flag
This is the quote form your Welcome to RoadTruck page "Our Canadian friends are enjoying a Civic Holiday Monday, so Koolatron Cooler orders will be a day later. If your up there in Canada, "Enjoy the day off". Your should be you're

Frank Hi Nadia, Well look at you.. Caught a temporary one. Send me your address and you got our little complimentary gift. And thanks for caring enough to let us know. I'll be removing that today.
Fairborn, Ohio United States Flag
Hi There! I think I found a mistake on your site....this is the paragraph in which it was found: "Following are Customers who sent in website errors they spotted and received a little gift of appreciation from RoadTrucker ® for helping us keep our website error free of mistakes." "....error free of mistakes" is redundant, and error-free is usually hyphenated

Frank Hi Roger, Well you pointed out some interesting things (Roger sent me 3 emails) and I sure do appreciate your effort. All of you points are valid, but we have to allow some of them like capitalizing words to make them more noticeable.  I made some changes above to reflect your suggestions and add a little clarification. Your thank you gift is on the way.
Marion, WI United States Flag
On your truck poster's page, you feature a tin stating "You can always count on......Seagrave". Below the picture is the description spelling "Seabrave". Truck Driver's Appreciation week is approaching at the end of August and I anticipate placing an order for some of your great items!!

Frank Hi Kari.. Nice try.. but... The posters are directly put there from If you read the above paragraph, we explain this. However, you were reading the fine print and your heart is in the right place, so we will send you a little gift of appreciation. Just send me your address.
Havertown, Pennsylvania United States Flag
Your web site is great, but since I am an English teacher. . . "coming shortly we will have a Trucker's Forum and a Trucker's Chat so Driver's" . . . Drivers should not have an apostrophe since it is not possessive. Also, Do you want Trucker to be plural? If so, Truckers' would be what you want!

Frank Hi Teresa,
Well you found another one that has been out there forever. Just goes to show that you never get it totally right, especially if you keep updating the website as we do. Thank you. Send me your address and I'll mail you a little thank you.
Groveland, IL United States Flag
Hi Frank,
I almost hate to mention it, since you have all been so nice, but I found a spelling error on your website. It is on the FAQ page at the bottom, referring to photos. The word "there" in the following sentence is wrong - "Even when we use photos from our suppliers, we almost always crop and reduce there size for faster download". This type of "there" is possessive so it is spelt "their". I know this is a bit picky, but I can see that you want to be the best, so I hope you won't mind my mentioning it!

Frank Hi Janet,
It's interesting that you should point this out. I wrestled with this because I always thought the same as you, but I was told that their is only for people and not things. But I agree with you so I'm sending you a little thank you gift.. :o)