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Customer Feedback 2

Letters to RoadTrucker® Editor...

Hi.  I'm Tina, RoadTrucker's Product Manager and I would love to hear from you.  The good & the bad. Well ok.. maybe I won't love the bad as much, but how else can we continue to improve RoadTrucker® and provide good customer service?

So write me or my brother Frank a review or send me an email. hugs Tina Oh! And don't forget to check out our new Product Feedback Page. More nice comments from customers

Belmont, MI United States Flag
Frank and Marissa,
Thanks for the update. You guys ROCK!!!

Frank We try to give the type of info that I want when I shop for a product. Your comment is Much appreciated John. We try to provide excellent customer service and always appreciate it when out customers see that.

Editor Note: We send out a tips email to help customers get oriented and set up products that tend to be a bit complex. John is referring to that email.
Seattle, WA United States Flag
Hi, I just want to thank you very much for the helpful info! It's a gift for my husband and wasn't sure what I needed to complete the package, you answered all my questions! Thanks so much, you have great customer service! Sincerely

Frank Your welcome Kim,
We try to give the type of info that I want when I shop for a product.
Brooks, ME United States Flag
Howdy, I am looking for more info on the power consumption of the Engel coolers. Power consumption versus outside temps over time. .. i.e. how much power will it take a day (watt/hours) if outside temp is 75F to cool interior temps to 40F or 0F. How can I get in touch with the manufacturer directly? Also, is it possible to add insulation to increase efficiency and thus lower power consumption? You have a great site with lots of information. Good job. Thanks

Frank Hi Bennett,
The Engel is by far, the most efficient unit you will find anywhere. It also has a very efficient cover that does help keep it's internal temperature. Although it is unlikely that you really need the information your asking for, I will be glad to provide it, but you need to let me know which Engel you are interested in. As far as the manufacturer, they are in different parts of the world, depending on the unit your interested in. There is No manufacturer located in the US. Thanks for the compliments. I do
spend a lot of time updating the website and we purchase and evaluate many of the products we sell. We have never evaluated a product as good as the Engel 12 Volt Fridge/Freezers.
Editors Note: We thought this was a bit much for a customer to be asking and it was interesting that we never heard from Bennett again.
Jacksonville, TN United States Flag
just got off the phone with you frank, and i was very impressed with your help... James{jim} McMackin about the vu cube portable.....

Frank Hi James,
Thanks for the feedback. It is always appreciated. Drive carefully.
Oceanside, CA United States Flag
Thank you very much for the fast and friendly service. I already received the product and plan on further shopping with you.

Frank Hi Keith,
Than you. We do try our best and will certainly try not to change your opinion. Enjoy the Skyworth. We have a 19" Skyworth also a 26" Skyworth (not 12 Volt) and really like the brand.
Deatsville, AL United States Flag
Your service is incredible. I bought the Engel 12-Volt AC/DC 34 Quart Fridge-Freezer and it was delivered to our door in less than 72 hours. I plugged it in using the AC and put some water in a plastic container to check it out -- from startup to ice forming in about 90 minutes. This is exactly what I wanted -- seriously heavy duty. I had 27 years in the military and this seems rugged enough for military use. THANK YOU!

Frank Hi Roger,
Many thanks for the nice comment Roger and we definitely agree with you on the high quality of the Engels. enjoy.
Encinitas, CA United States Flag
Thanks for the great service and a supreme product! answered my inquiry not only with email but phone call and shipping was fast came in perfect condition all around a very professional company! Thanks CG

Frank Hi Chris,
Thank you for your kind words. We do work hard at providing the kind of service we want for ourselves and thankfully the overwhelming percentage of our customer are very appreciative, like you are. We did have an advantage though, as we shipped your Engle MT45 from here in Wilmington, so we had control over the process. Thanks again and enjoy your Engel, the very best product we have ever researched.
Roseville, CA United States Flag
Thanks, guys. This TV rocks. We were camping with no electricity and it was a hit with the kids. It ran forever with the DVD player running and hardly drained the motor home battery. Thanks for getting it to us so quickly. You guys rock too!

Frank Hi Dave,
Thanks for the great feedback. We often get questions on battery life, and it is hard to answer. Do you mind sending us the battery information? Amp hour, make, and also the approximate temperature of use and approximate age of the battery. Was it only 1 battery? Maybe approximate hours of use for how many days. These real world test are much more valuable them then the sales pitches are. I am sure others would like to know. Thanks again for taking the time to give us real feedback.
Henderson, TX United States Flag
Thanks for the great customer service, Frank!

Frank Hi Jeff,
What can I say, besides Thanks?
Timberlake, NC United States Flag
Hi Frank,
WOW, was that fast !!! I just got my Naxa TV. Can't wait to try it out. I am leaving for the lake in an hour or so. Thanks so much for your long email about the TV. I am printing it to take it with us. I'll let you know but I'm sure we will love it. It's so light weight !!! Your customer service is awesome !!! Keep it up !!!

Frank Hi Melanie and Chesley,
Thank you for the feedback. It is always nice to know that extra effort we try to make is appreciated. Enjoy the NAXA. We found ours to be a real pleasure. It also seems to pick up the digital channels better than our 52".

Editor's Note: Melanie is talking about the email we send to our customers explaining how the TV is set-up out of the box, a little about the analog/digital and also how to set it up the easiest.
Des Moinse, WA United States Flag
Thank you for such a professional educational email. I own a membership in a 468 lot campground and will be showing everyone there my new TV and recommending your web site for all our rv camping needs.

Frank Hi Darla,
We try to provide our customers with the information we feel we would want when we make a purchase. Thanks for the nice comments.

Editor's Note: Darla responded to a email we send to help our customers understand, set-up and use a product (12 Volt AudioVox LCD TV) with the least amount of effort.
Morgan Hill, CA United States Flag
Two things first the Engle is great your service was great. Thank you frank
#2 How do I reg. this Engle for warranty ? And PS I will be ordering the Vu Qube from you at months end Jay

Frank Hi Jay,
You do not have to register the Engel. Here is the warranty page. We have never had one go bad, but we had 1 that got the wrong compressor and they replaced it without any question, and did it immediately.
p.s. You will like that Vu Qube. We get a lot of good feedback on it.
Alexandria, VA United States Flag
Thank you so much so all your efforts. Got the replacement TV on Friday. Have been using it and testing all its functions - everything in great shape. I really appreciate all you did to keep the return process smooth and quick. And I'm delighted with the NAXA.

Frank Hi Karen,
Yes, I thought the 13" NAXA LCD was the best of the TVS when it came to understanding the setup. It looks very nice and has a great picture. I was surprised that it actually had an HDMI connector for HD & Blu-ray. Enjoy.
Clarence, NY United States Flag
Thank you for being the company that your web site portrayed

Editor's Note: Dave's Power Supply topped working and we sent him a replacement.
Sid Leavitt Babb, MT United States Flag
I was abrupt with the gentleman that answered the phone at RoadTrucker this a.m. (July 12th) - I do apologize. I was calling from Canada about a 12v coffee maker of which the purchase price was taken from my credit card but no product seemed to be forthcoming and no order seemed to exist. Whomever I talked to was extremely nice, understanding and helpful. The problem has been rectified and all is well. We were both victims of Google's way of doing things - they have not yet refunded the purchase price of the coffeemaker but will be doing so within 24 hours. They used an old, old email & credit card for me, ignoring the new information I had submitted with my recent order. My irritation should have been directed at them, not RoadTrucker. I have since reordered the product using the information the should have been used to start with and look forward to receiving the coffeemaker post-haste! Again my thanks to the kind gentleman on the phone who probably had the right to hang up on me but just didn't.

Frank Everyone makes mistakes, and most slink off into the corner, but NOT Sid, who compensated with class.
Rockport, TX United States Flag
Recieved the new one. Thanks for excellent service.

Editor's Note: Ron received a faulty Battery Saver. We had Koolatron send him a replacement.
Belle Valley, OH United States Flag
Hi All,
What a nice site. I was looking for 12 volt stuff and ran across your site. Hope all is well. I did pass your link along to others. We have DC backup and also use it in blast shelters and field medical stations. Best regards

Frank Hi Chuck,
Not sure if I responded and said thank you, but just incase, I appreciate the comments and the links.
Stone Trucking Park Hall, MD United States Flag
Keep up the good work. Your website and quick delivery is outstanding.

Frank Thank you Barbara. We do put a lot of work into it and the business. drive carefully.
Astatula, FL United States Flag
Hey Frank - just a note to say we received our order today just as expected - thank you for all your help,

Frank Your welcome, Melanie. let us know how you like your new Vu Qube. They are just awesome, aren't they?
Cove, OR United States Flag
Hi Frank & Marrisa, Hope I got that right! I spoke with you today concerning the 12v sandwich toaster. What a wonderful business you have! I enjoyed the visit Frank and also all the info on your other products. I wish I could have visited longer........ (I had customers arrive in my store) I felt I was in YOUR store, thank you! I look forward to receiving my sandwich toaster and using it on the Trail Heads after riding all day, great end to the day. I will also use use it for road trips!! I will be back to purchase a cooler very soon, plus other things....... I am grateful to Road Pro UK for giving me your link, I'm afraid I missed it when I 'googled' but it all worked out very well. Have you thought of using PayPal as one of your payment options? That can be a LOT less expensive for the customer than the credit card system and you get your payments right away if it's out of the bank account as well as by card (not sure about your end though). Just a thought..... Oh, your website is great and easy to navigate! Those picky people should get a life!!

You guys go above and beyond customer service it's a shame there are folks out there that don't appreciate that rare commodity. I will most certainly be getting a cooler from you shortly. I wrote back to Andrew at and thanked him for putting me in touch with you! I now join the ranks of folks who are delighted with you and your products, It is definitely true what another happy customer said, you DO provide stuff you can't find elsewhere. I sent your link to others I know would be interested in your products. Thank you again Frank, Marrissa and Tina.

Frank Hi Windy,

I see you want to be added to our customer feedback page.. :o) Actually there is no difference in expense for the customer, regardless of whether they use Paypal, Google Check out or the CC directly. That fee is not directly passed on to the customer. We have purchased a shipping cart with source code, but that is a major change and we need to take out time and make sure we get it right before moving to it. Then we will not be held captive by our shopping cart vendor and we can add, those options. Thanks for the nice comments. We are also thinking of having a wall of shame page for those (thankfully) very few customers who really do overstep their boundaries. We actually had one guy threaten to come up and hit the gal who answered our phones with a pipe. He had made 2 returns to 2 different stores and thought we did not refund
him (which we did). But I will save the rest of the story for our wall of shame which he will appear right at the top.

Editor's Note: Since then, we have added Google Checkout and will probably add PayPal later this year.
Bryson, TX United States Flag
received order, thank you...waiting to get rv back from dealer after a page of small repairs...can't wait to try it upon return of rv. Thanks for the help and great service!

Frank Wonderful Elizabeth. I hope you have years for reliable use and enjoyment from it.
Vernon, Ontario, Canada United States Flag
Just to let you know that I received the VU Qube today and it works great. Thanks for your excellent customer service. Also, thanks for telling the old guy to settle down and relax! CHEERS!!

Frank Hi Ian,
Always like to hear things are going well for our customers and our products. I hope you and Linda have many years of good reliable service.
Anchorage, AK United States Flag
I ordered a Magnavox 12V TV with the new digital tuner as I need to upgrade for my cabin that is in the Alaska bush 100 miles from the nearest road & power grid. I was really happy to see the TV on my doorstep in Anchorage in 3 days. I put it in a sled to take out to my ski plane, flew it out to my lake, snow machined it up to my cabin. Plugged it in to my 12v grid, hooked up the antenna cable and WOW... Best picture I have ever had... Thanks RoadTrucker you guys rock. My friend who lives out there saw mine so I am ordering him one today to take out to him next week!!

Frank Hi Michael,
You mean Memorex, don't you.. :o). If you think that is a good picture, you should see the Skyworth LCD. I am glad it is working well for you, especially way up there in the cold. I have to admit, this is an interesting one worth adding to the website. And thanks for understanding that delivery is UPS 2-Day Air. Customers like you are always appreciated.
Navato, CA United States Flag
Hi Frank, I talked to you on the phone today about my order. Thanks for the good service and the phone call. It was pleasant dealing with you. I guess as were speaking UPS must have been knocking on my door. My order was delivered today. I will definitely be using you again. Charles

Frank Thank you Charles, we pretty much answer our phones from about 6 in the morning to about 12, 1 or 2 in morning. Marissa is an early bird and I am a late owl. The first quarter we are a little slow, as we travel to Asia. We try and make sure we have telephone support and we make sure we log on at least once a day while we are gone. It used to be a sparse season, but it has been growing quite a lot. We appreciate your comments.
Decatur, IL United States Flag
Order Koolatron P85 12VDC Cooler late Saturday evening July 21 along with Battery Power Saver and 120 V AC/DC converter and asked for FedEx Ground Shipping. Found your company on a Google Search. Pleasantly surprised today when it arrived on July 26 and everything was there. I plugged it in to the 120 V AC/DC converter and it went from 77 degrees F to 38.5 degrees in 4 hours. My wife said load that beast into her SUV, plugged it in to the 12v DC and the way she went to the Meat Locker. No more loading ice into a cooler before she goes shopping and losing 25 % of cooler space. GREAT service, speedy handling of order, and a GREAT PRICE. Looking forward to using Road Trucker for other items.

Frank Hi David & Diane,
We always appreciate hearing from our customers, especially when we do the job right. We process orders every day, answer the telephone and every email in an effort to sustain the quality service that we feel our customers deserve. We can't always get it right, but a high percentage of the time we do. Thank you for your thoughtful words and for taking the time to let us know. We love those Koolatron Cooler as they certainly cool better than anything else we have found.
Chepachet, RI United States Flag
Hello Frank, Thanks very much for taking care of this so quickly...I've always believed that customer service is 90% of a sale and you certainly given that thought new meaning...I look forward to doing more business with Road Trucker in the future. Thanks Again, Regards,

Frank Thanks Jim. Naturally it is always nice to be appreciated.
Slinger, WI United States Flag
I received the power supply today Thursday, in time for our bike trip out West. I am very happy with the cooler. Thanks for your prompt response. I will refer you to my friends. Have a good day.

Frank Thanks Dave,

We do pay a lot of attention to our business.
Philadelphia, PA United States Flag
Frank, Thanks again for all of your help on the phone. You guys have the best web site, and I am sure I'll be back another time. Do you happen to have a tracking number for this order.

Hi again, Never mind, I just realized I can get it from your awesome web site. (As a suggestion you should stick that "track your order" link into the order confirmation email, or just mention that customers can track orders through the web site.) Thanks Again!

Frank Thanks Brian,
We have added it. We took it off because so many people were immediately looking for the tracking info and calling us instead of having a little patience and giving the item a chance to get to the shipper's hub. But we will try it again with a note requesting to wait a day or two.
Salinas, CA United States Flag
I googled to you, looking for a 12-Volt TV. Just to let you know, the several wrong words used in the context of product description, led me to question how professional your operation might be, and caused me to move on. It does seem as if you are trying .. my friendly suggestion would be to edit your online presence more carefully. Regards

Frank Hi Grant,
Unfortunately feed back like yours has no real value. If you feel something is spelled wrong, let us know which word and on what page you are referring too. I really doubt if we have that much spelled wrong, except in cases where we are writing for the search engines. i.e. log books, logbooks. We change the website almost everyday, so many errors are going to happen. We offer a little gift for those who point them out, as a way of trying to limit them to an acceptable level. As far as your shopping habits go, you have the right to shop wherever you like and for whatever reason you have for shopping there and we would support you 100%.

(Editors Note: There was more conversation, but you get the basic idea. Grant was not happy that we felt his feedback has no value. He did not seem to grasp the idea that good feedback gives specifics that can be corrected. It is also hard to appreciate someone who belittles our written professionalism, while misspelling the word "presence".)
Schoharie, NY United States Flag
Hello Road Trucker, I saw your "ditty" regarding American Express. I agree 200%. I like seeing companies that will stand up to absurd charges. Have a great weekend.