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Travel Gifts for Truckers

Travel Gifts are designed to make anyone who travels more comfortable by making those long trips easier. As a RoadPro Distributor, RoadTrucker® features RoadPro′s Travel Gifts which were designed for Truckers, RVers and Travelers. RoadPro's Travel Gifts come backed with RoadPro′s standard 90 Day warranty.

Some Travel Gifts were made for use in a 12-Volt vehicle and most will work in a car (Personal Cooler Warmers, Low Powered 12-Volt Refrigerator Freezers and CB Radios). RoadPro's 12-Volt Travel Gifts were designed for use in Trucks and RVs which have special 12-Volt receptacle′s that can handle the power used.

Travel Gifts, Truck Accessories and 12-Volt Appliances will make your life on the road much more enjoyable. Travel Gifts make great gifts for almost anyone who travels. Our focus is on RoadPro Travel Gifts, 12-Volt Trucking Appliances and Truck Accessories and like RoadPro, we back our Travel Gifts. Know someone who drives?

A Travel Gifts or travel Appliances will be a welcomed gift idea, not to mention it will add to the enjoyment of their journey. Here is a Travel Gift suggestion, followed by a list of some of the Travel Gifts we carry.

In addition to Travel Gifts RoadTrucker® carries Truck Accessories and 12-Volt Appliances like 12-Volt Coffee Makers, 12-Volt Coolers and many other items of use for truckers, RVers and travelers. See our Truck Product Catalog Pages for details.

Travel Gifts

12 Volt Coffee Maker

12 Volt Coffee Maker

  • Quick Brews Hot Coffee in about 20 Minutes
  • Plugs into USB Port or 12V receptacle
  • Stop-Drip Interrupt - No Drips or Messes when Mug is Removed
  • Keeps Hot Drinks Hot and Cold Drinks Cold

Inexpensive Holiday Trucker Gifts

Inexpensive Holiday Gifts

  • Selection of Inexpensive Gift Ideas
  • For Small Groups
  • Choose from:
    • Blankets, Tire Gauge, Micro Pliers, Notepad, 12V Adaptors, and Fire Extinguisher

GPS with Truck Routing

If you have ever been wandering around, exploring a strange city, you have probably found yourself lost or worse, in a cab taking you (by way of the scenic route) back to your hotel when you wanted the direct route.

Just pop a way-point with this GPS and no problem finding your way back to the meeting place.

Driving an RV? RoadTrucker Recommends GPS with RV Routes

AirHawk Pro Comfort Seating System

Another gift that will be a big hit is the Wondergel Comfort Seating System which will help protect your back and neck and increase circulation.

A Wondergel Comfort Seat is a Must for the Long Hauler or for that matter, anyone who sits for long periods of time. I'm speaking from experience because I bought 2 of them.

Koolatron 12-Volt Coolers

We also have picked up the full line of Koolatron 12-Volt Coolers which Cool to 45 degrees below ambient, making them the best Cooler on the market today.

Ideal for Truck, Car, Boat or Home or Office!

Enjoy longer road trips with a Reasonably low battery usage (Averages approximately 4.5 amps) and safe operation with No Open flames, Propane, or Toxic Refrigerants used.

Trucker′s Mobile Business Briefcase

Travel in style with an elegant briefcases at RoadTrucker.

Travel briefcases with aluminum exterior are available.


  • Expandable Attaché Case
  • Lined Interior and with Pockets
  • Perfect for On the Go Living

12-Volt Heaters & Electric Heating Blankets

Don't let discomfort ruin your perfect road trip!

No more ‘bbrrrr‘ during long hours on the road.

RoadPro‘s 12-Volt Heater-Blankets can help Truckers and RVers who want to crawl into a warm bunk.

War-Lok Truck Locks

A very unique gift for that Trucker in your life.

It's a very easy lock to use and will protect your truck while you run in for coffee or any other time you leave the Truck running.

Inexpensive Holiday Gifts

A selection of inexpensive gifts ideas for small groups!

Most items have a minimum quantity of 12, so you need to order at least 12, which is defaulted in the Add to cart. Just change the quantity if you would like to order more.

12-Volt Appliances

Makes the long hauler's life easier!

All 12-Volt Appliances from small to medium size portable items for everyday use such as 12-Volt Powered Travel Mug, 12 Volt vacuum cleaners, and 12 Volt hair dryers, will plug into a 12-Volt cigarette lighter receptacle.