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Power Inverter Remote Switch for Cobra and PowerDrive

Price: $ 24.75

Top Features:

  • Turn inverter on and off from up to 20 feet away
  • Turn CPI-1500 or CPI-2500 Power Inverters On/Off from a Convenient Location
  • Includes long cord for remote hookup
  • Compatible with Cobra CPI 1500, 1550, 2500, 2550, M1500 and M2200 models

Will Work With Cobra Inverters CPI1000, CPI1500, CPI1550, CPI1575, CPI2500, CPI2550, CPI2575, M1500, M2200

Will Also Work With PowerDrive Inverters RPPD1000, RPPD1500, RPPD2000

Cobra/PowerDrive Power Inverter Remote Switch - CPIA-20

Cobra - PowerDrive Power Inverter Remote Switch CPIA-20

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  •  Cobra
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  •  CPIA-20
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  •  2 Years
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Cobra Power Inverter remote switch is a remote on/off switch for the Cobra larger Inverters. It is also compatible with PowerDrive Models RPPD1000, RPPD1500 and RPPD2000. Cobra's Remote Switch includes 20 feet of wire with a 4-pin plug to plug directly into your inverter making it very easy to install.

For those off the grid, it can also be installed in your home just like an outlet in the wall. It lets you turn on your inverters while it is mounted out of reach and out of sight. At a touch, you can turn your inverter on to use it and then off to keep from draining your battery.