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12-Volt Microwave - Power Hunt Wave Box

12 Volt DC Voltage ONLY - Hot Coffee - Warm Meals - All in Your Truck

Price: $ 299.00

Top Features:

  • Power Rating: 660 Watts (55 Amps)
  • Dimensions:
    • Inside: 10"h x 7"w x 6"
    • Outer: 15 x 10 x 11 inches
  • Shell: Reinforced ABS Plastic
  • Base: Rubber Footings
  • First Time Purchase? You Need the Power Port

Power Hunt - Power Hunt 12-Volt Microwave (12 Volt DC Voltage ONLY) - PNP-410

Power Hunt - Power Hunt 12-Volt Microwave (12 Volt DC Voltage ONLY) - PNP-410

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  •  Manufacturer:
  •  Power Hunt
  •  Model No.:
  •  PNP-410
  •  Dimension:
  •   15" W x 10" D
  •  Height:
  •  11" H
  •  Warranty:
  •  1 Year
  •  Returns:
  •  30 days w/ 15% Restocking Fee

  • Shipping GuideShipping Guide
  • User Manual / TipsPower Hunt Microwave Manual


  • Includes the Wave Box Cool bag Integrated Soft-Side Cooler for Conveniently Storing & Transporting Cold Foods and Beverages Inside the Microwave Oven.
  • Includes DC Power Cord to plug into the Power Port (purchased separately).
  • Cooking Rack mentioned in the instructions, no longer comes w/the microwave, as it is not needed with the newer design.

Note: The User Manual is for the PNP411 AC/DC Microwave. Only refer to the DC parts

12V Microwave (12 Volt DC Voltage ONLY) w/ Power Port Diagram

12-Volt Microwave (12 Volt DC Voltage ONLY) with Power Port Diagram - PNP-410

Other Photo

Power Hunt's New redesigned Wave Box

Note: Cooking time may be longer than your home microwave, depending on the size you are used to. For example, if you have a 1,000 Watt Microwave, that takes 2 minutes to heat a cup of coffee, expect this 660 Watt Microwave to take about 3 minutes.

The Power Hunt Portable Wave Box 12 volt microwave puts the power and convenience of your kitchen right in your vehicle. No Inverter needed, so no loss of power and no loss of fuel. Sporting 660 Watts of Real 12 Volt Power. Enough to cook or reheat food and beverages almost anywhere.

Note: RoadTrucker Recommends you run the vehicle when using your microwave, since the power draw (55 Amps) on a standing battery tends to be weak. Running the vehicle will insure that the alternator will provide more power than you will actually need.

New space age interior improves performance by more than 10%, providing even heating without the need for a turntable. Power Hunt's new improved Wave Box 12 Volt Microwave hooks directly to the battery, bypassing your cigarette lighter's weakness. No more marginal 12 Volt appliances with Power Hunt High performance Real 12 Volt Appliances.

5/ 5

"Frank and Marissa, Got the Wave Box no trouble, and it works perfectly as advertised. Many thanks for the great service and product, And again, thanks for including the the power cord. You were right, it is essential to the installation"

Morrisburg, ON, Canada

NOTE: When you add your Microwave to the cart, we will also add a 12 Volt Power Port that hooks to the battery via 8' of wire with 2 connecting rings on the end. If you already have one, then click on "remove" in the cart to remove it before completing your purchase. First time Purchase of a Power Hunt Appliance will need the Power Port. Not using the Power Port properly may Violate the Warranty.

Other Features:

  • White Model PNP-410 12 Volt DC, 660 Watt Microwave only
  • Large Capacity but Lightweight
  • One-Touch Convenience of 3 Preset Cooking times, with Select Your Own Cooking time.
  • 10" by 7" Cooking Space to Accommodates Microwave Containers, Plates, Mugs, and a Convenience Food Items.
  • Light Weight & Portable Compact Design. About the Size of a Small Picnic Basket.
  • Heavy Duty Easy Grip Handles
  • Non-Slip Rubber Legs
  • Shipping Size: 18" x 14" x 14"
  • Requires PNP Power Port (sold separately - Note: We will Add it to cart)

Power Hunt 12 Volt Microwave Video